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Good Copywriting is the blog you want to read in if you are serious about your copywriting skills. I have been attending since 2016 and I won't miss the event for any reason in the world. I have meet many like minded people and had a lot of fun during those years.

Karl Johnson
Founder, Design School

Guest Speaker
Superdesign 2019

Just found myself checking my inbox for today’s email from Good Copywriting and wishing it had arrived - I think that’s the best review I can give. Loving it so far!

CEO & Founder
Superdesign Conference


Born in 2006, but still young and innovative.

Good Copywriting was born over 15 years to replace boring copywriting blogs with a friendly and fun atmosphere. We’ve cracked what makes content and brands tap-dance and sing.
And through it all we’ve stuck to our values – the things that set us apart and make working and learning with us such a fresh experience.


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Superdesign Conference 2019 was my first live event. My friends and colleagues always talked me positively about the environment and the quality of the speakers. I came with high expectation and wasn't disappointed. I will be back in 2020 for sure!

Aisha Reed
Lead Designer, Acme

Superdesign 2019

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