About Copywriting

Buying is not an informational decision, it is an emotional decision.

Benefits Make the Sale

Spending too much time on your product’s features will kill a good piece of sales copy.

But, you can never spend enough time on the benefits of using your product.

After all, your potential customers are most looking at your product for a possible solution to their problem or desires.

You have to lay the benefits out on the table for your potential customers.

That way, they get caught up in what they could have or enjoy by using your product and make a decision based on how your product will benefit them instead of all the nice things it offers.

You see, sometimes we have to remind people of the connection between the features of the product and how it will benefit them.

People can’t always see that connection and it is your job in your copy to remind them of it so they can have a “see the light” kind of moment and make a purchase.

Here is what I mean.

If you are selling a product for making money online and you focus entirely on the amount of money they can make it will not entice your customer as much as if you reminded them that with that kind of income, they could take vacations, have freedom, have time with their kids, drive nice cars, eat fancy dinners, not worry about bills.

You see, reminding people of those things will trigger something emotional.

Money is great but here is what it can do for your life.

Do you see?

From Dreams to Reality

If you can tap into your customer’s desires and show them a possible way to fulfill those desires then chances are you could have a sale.

In the same way, if you can show your customer a path to bring their dreams into reality, then you could easily have a sale.

That’s what this is all about.

Offer them something that they can’t say “No” to.

It’s that easy. If what you are offering has no appeal to your customers then you will have a hard time selling them anything.

I mean think about it.

If they don’t want it if it has no value to them, why would they spend money on it?

This is where you need to know your market.

I know, you may be thinking what does market research have to do with copywriting?


Listen, in order to write copy that appeals to the customer you must first know the customer’s state of mind, interests, dreams, desires, etc.

How else are you going to get their attention with your copy?

If you are not offering what they want or a pathway to their dreams then why would they bother reading anything past the first few sentences?

You see, people are always being bombarded with advertising.

Whatever they do, advertisements are somewhere to be found.

Radio, TV, the Internet, all of the media that we take in throws almost as much advertising at us as they do content.

With all of this said, you need to hit a nerve because that will be what gets their attention.

Think about it. What happens to you when a commercial comes on TV.

Do you zone out for a while, get up and do something else?

Yeah, so does everyone else.

Until you hear something that hits that nerve that breaks you out of your daze or interrupts you from what you are doing.

You might start studying the commercial a little more or stop what you are doing and go back to the TV to see what they are talking about.

This is what you want to do with your copy.

Shake people away and out of their daze.

Hit something in them that makes your visitor want to find out more and not click the back button.

Grab their attention and follow through with a solution to their problem, or an avenue to fulfill their desire or a pathway for them to follow for their dreams.

Have a Plan

With any part of your business having a good plan can mean the difference between success and failure.

You need direction and that’s what a plan is.

Your plan equals your path.

If you plan out your writing, it will be smoother and help you to stay in check and not go all over the place.

What I like to do before I start writing is to simply outline the flow of where I want my copy to take the reader.

It’s like writing a book.

Most authors outline their book before they start writing.

They put an outline or a plan together so that it keeps them on track.

This way, they have a path that their writing can follow. It’s the same thing with writing copy.

If your copy flows easier then the reader will keep interested longer and that’s what you want.

No Informational Approach


But I thought to sell something we would need to give the person all the information.

Well, sure you do, but here is the thing.

Using an informational-only approach almost guarantees that you will see negative results.

Why? Because buying is not an informational decision, it is an emotional decision.

Let me explain.

We never decide to buy something based solely on the information.

If I read a manual for a vacuum cleaner and learn all about that product chances are I’m not going to buy it just based on the information unless I have a need for a vacuum cleaner.

Also, if the vacuum cleaner shows me that it can save me time and make my life easier then I might have an emotional response to wanting my life to be easier and decide to buy it.

It’s just like this course.

You probably had an emotional response and decided that you needed or wanted this information without even knowing it.

Sure, you saw the summary of what this course was about but your emotional “buy” response was triggered when I told you all of the advantages of knowing this information and the possible advantage that could be had to your business or your bank account by implementing this information.

So, you bought this course and I’m glad you did because now I have a perfect example of what I am talking about.

Your goal through your writing is to pull out that emotional buy trigger.

That’s what it is all about.

Those same reasons you had for buying this course, the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same things the wants or needs are what you are trying to bring out in your customers or potential customers.

Whether it is a sales page that you are writing, a squeeze page, an article or an autoresponder series, the same thing applies.

Get your visitor to act on what they have seen.

Trigger that desire in them to know more, be more, do more, have more etc.

That is what makes for good copy and being able to activate those triggers is what makes for a good copywriter.

Don’t Write! Communicate!

We are taught from day one in grade school all the way through college to write in a boring manner.

People have a hard time writing the way they talk.

The most important thing you need to remember is that you are not writing to the customer.

You are speaking to the customer.

People relay information differently when talking face to face as opposed to when they are writing a letter.

It’s just because it has been embedded in us from day one to write that way.

We get all boring and feel like we have to sound like a textbook or something.

We are programmed that way.

Deprogram yourself or your copy will suffer.

One of the best tools that you can invest in if you have problems writing as you speak is Dragon Naturally Speaking.

You simply speak into a mic and it types out your words for you.

Some people find it much easier to write this way.

And, it helps your writing flow like a conversation would flow.

Just make sure that you write like you are talking to someone.

Close your eyes and imaging speaking to someone face to face.

Imagine a conversation taking place and write like that.

You will come across more “real” and you will make more sales that way.