How to Be Creative?

So what are the implications for someone who wants to be more creative, either as a professional or keen amateur?

Assume You Are Creative.

Don’t worry about labelling yourself a creative or uncreative person.

Just assume that creativity is humanly possible, and you are a human, therefore it’s possible for you.

Follow Your Heart.

Your passion for creativity is your guide to developing your talent.

When your curiosity is aroused, when you feel yourself becoming absorbed, fascinated and excited by a creative task – that’s your talent telling you you’re getting warm – it’s saying “Do more of this”.

Creativity can be hard work, and it requires dedication and commitment to keep going, but if you apply yourself and follow your heart, sooner or later you will taste creative flow, at the point where your motivation, talent and experience blend together.

Hang Out With Creative People.

Get involved.

Go to work in somewhere creativity is encouraged; go to readings, galleries and concerts; attend classes and stay behind for a drink and a chat with the other students; read books; read magazines and offer to write for them; hook into online communities via blogs, mailing lists and and discussion boards.

Whatever your chosen medium, soak it up by hanging out with the people who are doing it.

Get familiar with the whole of your chosen field, its history as well as its present – that way you have a chance of contributing to its future.

So back to the original questions – I hope I’ve shown that I’m not putting labels or restrictions on people. *Anyone* can be creative, provided they do these three things.

And why do I work with creative professionals?

Partly it’s a matter of personal taste – I’m a writer myself and love working with people with a similar passion for creativity.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time coaching others to do something, I think you should have experience of it yourself.

The other reason is that the “creatives” don’t put any limits on their creativity, which makes them very exciting to work with.

They are not essentially any different from other people, but they are doing the three things listed above, consistently – which means they are enjoying their work more and producing better and better creative results, working towards the possibility of creating something extraordinary.

And if you want to, so can you.