How to Write a Job Posting That Works.

Stop writing novels and posting them on

When it comes to writing a job posting that’s going to attract the candidate you’re looking for, there are four things to keep in mind:

  1. Human attention span;

  2. The outline of your post;

  3. Your post’s “offer”;

  4. And your post’s length.

If you ignore any of these while writing your job posting, it will not work.

Seriously, just think about all the job listings you’ve seen in your life. How many of them did you actually read all the way through?

Follow these tips to writing a job posting that works and you’ll be well on your way to hiring the right candidate.

1. Think Attention Span.

The average human attention span is now just eight seconds. That means you have just eight seconds to grab attention, and there are hardly any exceptions to this.

Avoid stuffing information in bundles of single-spaced paragraphs; instead, use whitespace to your advantage, space things out, use subheadings, and make your job posting easy to skim.

2. Think “Outline.”

The content of your job posting should be structured in the way of an outline to keep it easily readable. Write it with three sections: 1) Who You Are, 2) What You Need, and 3) What You’ll Get. Title each like so. That’s it, that’s all you need.

3. Think “Offer.”

Just like an advertisement, your job posting should present an offer that makes it easier for the user to take action. Highlight the benefits and pay of your position as obviously as possible. Yes, I know you want to say more, but to be frank, no one will care about any of that until they first locate what’s in it for them.

4. Think Length.

Obviously, keep your job posting short and sweet. Three hundred words maximum, that’s all you need. Any more than that and you lose reader attention. Take it from Textio’s research.